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Literally the cutest damn little bean, I adore her 😍


Why do ppl think that cats/snakes are smart. Where did that start? Who saw a cat or a snake do anything to give them that impression

Hello, I know essential oils are not safe for …

Hello, I know essential oils are not safe for pets but I'm wondering if witch hazel and apple cider vinegar (diluted and applied topically) are? Thank you!

I..I don’t know why you would slather your pet in either of those, but they’re harmless



why are jumping spiders the cutest things on this entire earth

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There are a lot of absolute idiots in the comments saying things like “a good dog will never hurt a baby” and “the child is never to blame if the dog attacks” and “special snowflakes call everything abuse”

Listen here you fucktards: dogs. Are not. Fucking. People. They don’t operate by human logic. They don’t follow human moral codes. It has nothing to do with it being a “good dog“ or not. If you were getting hit and pulled on and punched and scratched constantly, you just might react. A dog can’t speak up and say “hey please stop that you’re hurting me“. What he can do is move, lunge, bite, etc. These actions might intentionally or unintentionally harm your child. Use your fucking head and don’t let your kid beat up on your dog no matter how many times he’s “taken it” before; you never know when he might snap. Don’t teach your kids it’s OK to treat animals like punching bags and they’ll never react. That’s immensely unfair to both the animal and the child. You could have a hurt or dead child and a euthanized dog because you were fucking dumbass who thought the dogs were just there to be treated like toys.

Same goes for cats and any other pet. Teach your child how to properly treat animals or don’t have any fucking animals.

Remember when like eleven people attacked me for saying this same thing. Also applies to people that pose their children with dogs in unsafe ways. Dogs are not people and do not follow people logic. Being a responsible owner means understanding that.

People like this should never have kids OR pets.



ah, forgot to mention that nikolai bit me last night. he’s a TERRIBLE and DISOBEDIENT son



He got scared and hid in my sleeve :’)




So many people confuse being irresponsible with being fun and having self-control with being boring

Piping hot tea because some of y’all really think it’s cute to be out here casually ruining your health and lives

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for the record if you slam 150 gummy vitamins your organs fail and your bones try to leave

God I love that guys youtube. Some of his titles are pure gold