Hello! I was wondering if you knew any alternatives to a betta in a 10 g? I’ve had bettas before and I’m looking go expand a bit.

Oh fun!  It’s always interesting to branch out into something new!  Here are a few species only options you could explore.

  • There are many wild betta species that are unique and interest plenty of betta owners as a ‘next step’ I’d highly suggest looking into them because if all else fails they are an interesting read.  There are also many keepers here on tumblr that I’m sure would answer any questions you have 
  • I admittedly don’t know much about killifish but there are varieties that I hear you can keep successfully in a ten gallon.  
  • Indian Pea Puffers are becoming quite popular and for good reason, they are intuitive and simply darling.  But I would be weary in purchasing one.  Do your research and be sure that the fish you select is plump in appearance, and that you purchase medication to dose for internal parasites just in case.   They do well with a diet of blood worms and living in a tank that has an established MTS or pond snail colony to hunt in.   I would start out with one in a species only ten gallon (or add some rcs if you’re willing to risk sacrificing a few) , but if you plant it heavily enough and are confident you can have a ratio of two females and one male total
  • I’ve read about dwarf gourami’s or Honey gourami’s in a ten gallon tank.  Don’t have much experience with them but their colors rival even the most colorful betta.  Though stray away from chocolate gourami’s!  They require at least 30 gallons and are apparently much more sensitive than their dwarf cousins. 
  • ‘Shrimp tank!!  You could make an excellent shrimp paradise in a ten gallon tank.  Shrimp are seriously underrated and a lot of fun to watch.  Especially after water changes/sheds because they swim about and kind of fly and glide.  They are seriously beautiful and to keep it species only would make way for you to be able to take the chance in investing in more spendy shrimp without fear of them being eaten or their young picked off.  You can have fun with mosses and woods in a small aquascape to watch them graze.  Couldn’t suggest shrimp more honestly, I myself was tempted to make a shrimp tank with my spare ten to start a breeding colony. 

And that’s all I can think of off the top of my head.  Any followers that have suggestions or corrections to my ideas feel free to comment!