I saw your answer to someone asking about a 10 gallon tank, and I was wondering if you had any other suggestions for what to do with a smaller tank. I am interested in getting a 10 to 15 gallon tank, but I would like to do something different then fish. I was thinking about Ghost Shrimp, but I was wondering if you had any other ideas for a “non-fish” aquarium?

Hmmm, non-fish.  I have a few ideas that might be relevant to the last ask actually!  Just be warned that a few of these aren’t completely aquatic.  Always do your research on habitat needs for any critter you plan to buy ?

  • Mexican dwarf crayfish!!!!  Fun little buggers, and come in a variety of colors. Commonly found in local fish stores and if you can’t find any you like there, breeders are everywhere and eager to sell.
  • I’ve seen some incredible fire belly toad setups in ten gallons
  • African dwarf frogs are neat and commonly found
  • Red claw crabs
  • Freshwater pom pom crabs, rising in popularity but depending on where you live you may need to purchase online. 
  • I’m not versed on newts but there are some that can be kept in ten gallons I believe?

An honorable mention would be thai micro crabs, but they wouldn’t warrant a species only tank.  Not to mention they’re very very spendy.  May be good additions to peaceful community tanks if you want something to spice things up however.  Just be sure to check compatibility and all that.