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She literally spent $500 fucking dollars to ‘save’ 80 fucking turtles oh my fucking god.   Girl if they were an obvious illegal vendor you call somebody and let the appropriate people bust their ass and actually rescue them.  

You don’t give these sketchy ass animal abusers five hundred fucking dollars.  

And how do you know they’ll be safe when you’re giving them all away for free to anybody who has a twenty gallon tank?   You have no idea if these people will upgrade.  Many will just want one because they came from you.

I’m so done.  Her heart is in the right but this is fucking stupid.

actually, it IS saving them. these turtles are individuals, and for now theyre safe. other turtles are not safe because of her contribution to the abusers, but these particular turtles have been saved. its just a fact. if you were a slave, and a nice person bought you and didnt use you as a slave, they sure as hell saved you. so she DID save these turtles. from pain, abuse and death. if she gives them away to unfitting homes, or if she keeps them in a small tank until they die (which is likely cause how will she find 80 people who each have 80 gallon tanks and are willing to take a turtle?), thats when you can say that she didnt save them. please be fucking sensible. animals are individuals, just like us. its bad paying money for abused animals, because it gives the abuser an opportunity to continue the abuse on other animals. but that doesnt mean that an animal that was previously in a bad place and has been brought to a safe place isnt saved. you dont have to preach that she saved them, you can choose to focus on that she paid for them which is a sensible thing to so since that was bad. but you cant pretend that all turtles are the same person

Did you just compare turtles to slaves wtf 

I love turtles yo but you can’t say shit like that what the hell

But I am being sensible when I say what she did was completely idiotic.  Idiotic and impulsive.  There is a process to this.  But she let her impulse get the better of her again and in turn may very well of contributed to the pain and suffering of hundreds of other turtles.  Who knows how many other turtles these people had back at their home.

All she succeeded in doing is bring these animals from one sketchy situation to another.

You don’t give $500 dollars to animal abusers.  

End of story. 

It’s like buying out a puppy mill.