What do you think about tnd leaving her axolotol starving and sick for 5 weeks while she travels to california knowing it was sick without taking him to the vet before this 5 week critical mark? She tought it was eggbound but now she thinks is a fungus. She still hasn’t take her to a vet. I ask you cause youre one of the only people I see calling her out but everybody else is blinded by this girl.

Oh jesus christ what has she done now.  

I myself am currently in California.  We’re slowly but surely working on a move here from Iowa.  So I’ve been mia & haven’t even looked at youtube in over a month.  But damn.  Looks like I have something to look into.  

Poor babies.  But it’s not really typical for someone to take an aquatic pet to a vet? (I haven’t heard of any exotic vets seeing axolotls??)  Unless it’s a turtle of sorts.  So we can’t give her too much grief for that–  What we can give her grief for is not putting effort into caring for this axolotl herself.  I’m not sure what can be done to help an eggbound ‘lotl, but fungus should be decently treatable as long as she’s able to keep up with it and monitor.  

But again-  I have been completely off the grid for upwards of a month & this is the first I’ve heard of anything.  I might go check in on her later I don’t know but I’m not in a position to offer an opinion on the matter at this point in time.