TND, She admitted in her latest Axolotl video that it was sick for months because she neglected it. She didn’t do enough water changes, then didn’t notice the axolotl had developed a fungus until it was at death’s door. She’s always said she has “the worst luck” with sick animals, and rejecting the idea that she could possibly be an animal hoarder. But now she’s ADMITTED it was her fault. But it hasn’t been a wake up call… I think I’m done with her. To many excuses.

Oh wow, yeah I’ve been un-able to watch any youtube videos lately 

(cries about missing goldfish moms videos  & I heard that Joey’s Arrowana died?  D’:) 

But at least she’s admitted to being at fault, if i’m reading your message correctly?  Then again saying she has the worst luck with sick animals is another excuse like….  If you know you’re the reason an animal gets sick… Maybe you should change your care up to be more up to standards or I don’t know……  Have less of a load of animals in general. 

I don’t know I’m just really iffy about the trend that’s become popular of having sooo many animals.  Like I feel for fishkeepers it’s moderately justified because fish don’t need the sort of care other animals do.  Like, you don’t need to socialize or coddle fish ya know?  (Even though there are many who would love to cuddle their fishies.  I know I would if I knew it wouldn’t be detrimental to their health lmao)

But hmm…   I’ve been done with her a while myself, her excuses and lack of change has unsettled me, not to mention dangerous and lazy practices that she’s sharing with a progressively vicious fanbase. I’ll say it again, because there’s always that one person, but I have nothing against Taylor herself —  In fact I’m sure she’s lovely in conversation and person, I’d even be happy to speak to her dare I ever somehow have the chance — But my opinions are my own and I’m glad I have others I can discuss such ‘controversial’ subjects with.  Because people shouldn’t be afraid to speak their thoughts and views because someone has a larger outreach than they do personally.