hedgehogsofasgard: Guys. DON’T DO THIS. I don’t care if you just…


Guys. DON’T DO THIS. I don’t care if you just want to “have fun” or if you think you’re cool and edgy because “rules are meant to be broken”. Do not take your hedgehog (or other pet for that matter) to places where it’s forbidden, especially stores, because:

1) it’s forbidden. That should be enough.

2) people could be allergic, it’s very unsanitary to take your pet to places where they serve/sell food etc. Maybe you don’t care, others do. Stores or restaurants (which tends to come down to their employees) could even get in trouble because of your pet.

3) exotic pets already have a pretty bad rap in many places. Don’t make it worse by taking your hedgehog to places where they’re not allowed. Hedgehogs look cute, but that doesn’t mean everyone likes them.

4) “they will most likely sleep”. Exactly. Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals that sleep during the day. Let them get their needed sleep in their enclosure instead of dragging them around just because you want to have fun.

Unsure if you’re allowed to take your hog somewhere? Just ask. Sometimes dogs aren’t allowed but they don’t mind small mammals. But don’t be selfish and risk ruining things for everyone by just taking your pet wherever you want.

(also I sure hope that fish comment was a joke because that must be the pinnacle of bad care)