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The tip of Yoshi’s fin is hurt. One of my mollies likes to pick at it (why????) so I guess she just did it a little worse than usual. Poor baby.

Because most livebearers are good and innocent, but there are always a rude one that nips everything with long fin. They are the weirdest fishes ever haha

They are!

She’s not at all aggressive towards him. It seems like curiosity? Sometimes she just. Puts the tip of his fin in her mouth and nibbles it for a second. Yoshi doesn’t even care.

I just posted a video with her doing it

oooh, it’s weird. I guess they think fins are worms?? I have a weird swordtail that thinks he’s an angelfish and my angels’ fins are similar to Yoshi’s. But I’ve never seen him nipping them or anything (he’s too busy with begging for food haha)

That seems possible? His fins are really bright shiny white so they probably look interesting to the mollies.

Your fish sound adorable!!

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