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Краска закончилась

“ran out of paint”

What the fuck is that

Meet Narnia! 😀


de la Grâce

is a bit of miracle cat that was born this year as part of the Céleste breeding program. It is currently still being tested if he is a chimera or if this is a special colouration. 

It technically shouldn’t be possible to express two different solid non white colours on a male cat (male torties and calicos excluded) and on top of that showing a full colour (black) AND a diluted colour (blue) at the same time. YET HERE WE ARE. WHAT IS HAPPENING?! 

I have been following this little guy for a while now and am just as fascinated and interested as anybody else what genetic wonders he might reveal.

The gene that is responsible for Narnia’s blue eyes is the same gene I have already talked about in my Topaz post and which also


be a reason for his peculiar coat colour, since we’ve seen highly unusual patterns emerge there too. Instead of aiming for a fully new blue eyed breed, the Céleste breeding program however “only” aims to introduce blue eyes into the British breed and is not affiliated to the Topaz program.

Some more Narnia pics for your viewing pleasure:


© Stéphanie Jimenez

Narnia de la Grâce
breed: British Shorthair (Outcross)
breeder: Stéphanie Jimenez Chatterie de la Grâce in cooperation with Sophie Guittonneau
owner: Stéphanie Jimenez Chatterie de la Grâce