iantojonesthebetta: S.I.P., Honeymilk the Bet…


S.I.P., Honeymilk the Betta

Yesterday, I was told that Honeymilk’s dropsy-like condition had gotten so bad that she could no longer swim. She had no buoyancy left and kept sinking like a rock. While she was still a fighter, there’s little else that can be done once it gets to that point. She was very round, like a pingpong ball. I’d never seen anything quite like it.

Treatments didn’t offer any relief. She was euthanised using the clove oil method and is now at peace.

She was a gorgeous betta. I will never forget the thrill of winning her at my first betta show auction. She was stunning and lively, and I’m glad she continued giving her new owners such joy.

Rest easy, pretty girl.

Aw, SIP little girl.