literally saw some nail artist on instagram create a plastic sphere, glue it to her nail, and then put one(1) single neon tetra in it and seal it up… im not going to post the picture but i wanna vom for real

Link us! I wanna report her it’s nail_sunny on instagram & this is the post

“no fish were harmed in the making of this video”

Is she. Is she really that naive? Look how pale he is. Look how heavily he’s breathing. She can’t even hold him steady great Scott this is extremely harmful. Also she seems to have bought the fish just for this??? Where did he go after? Did she return him? Get a proper 20g tank with 7+ other neons for him? Or did she just stick him in a bowl/small tank with no heating, filtration, or a school?

Why would anyone do this to a living creature?

To the people saying it was for five minutes, would you drink water from a glass made from nail acrylic? No? Now imagine living in it, with all the chemicals leaching into the water.

Yeah, she took it out, but that fish is still going to be affected from those chemicals.

She’s abusing an animal for the *~asthetic~*

It looks so bad tho like it failed at the one thing it was ment to do