why you should stop watching Taylor Nicole Dea…







Taylor is a nature style vlogger on youtube who showcases her pets in various videos, does care guides, animal convention vlogs, and awareness PSA’s. Her motto is “Adopt don’t shop”, meaning that for the most part animals under your care should primarily come from an adoption/shelter home. Thats cool right? sounds like a good channel?


Taylor is an animal hoarder, there is no way around this. As of typing this, December 17th, 2017, she has a whopping:

9 snakes

3 skinks (one blue tongue and two crocodiles)

3 geckos (two crested and one leopard)

3 hedgehogs

2 insect pets (1 praying mantis, 1 leaf insect)

1 tarantula,

1 axolotl

1 cat (male kitten, must be bottle fed)

1 pacman frog

1 mouse

1 crab

that’s TWENTY SIX  pets, not including her fish..

and boy, she has numerous amounts of fish, some of which we never see anymore and have no idea what happened to them. here are some of her delicious money makers: a longhorn cowfish, naso tang, dwarf fuzzy lionfish, caramel gladiator clownfish, a pair of $600 black and white clownfish i don’t know the name of, lightning maroon clownfish, flame wrasse, goldflake angelfish… the list goes on

***she also owned a dog that she abandoned when she moved out, gave it to her brother

Where did she get all of these animals? She buys the majority of them from reptile shows, which is where she’s gotten like 90% of her snakes. What happened to “adopt don’t shop”? 

her kenyan sand boa came from a reptile store, as declared in this video and on twitter.

her super mohave ball python was purchased at a recent December reptile show, apparently she also bought more here as well.

she bought two six hundred dollar clownfish(as stated on twitter video) because “they look like cows” and stuffed them in her 150 gallon aquarium.

purchased her western hognose at a pet expo.

video where she purchased a sick green tree python at another reptile expo, as well as a firefly ball python, mexican black king snake, another crocodile skink, another hedgehog, and a replacement green tree python(the first one died, SHOCKER).

the video where she went to an exotic pet store and purchased a leopard gecko. the list goes on, guys.

her reasoning for this is that there are a lot of animals she just cant get where she is; if that were really the case she wouldn’t spew that bullshit line video after video, then go to every reptile expo in the area, buy out all the animals, AND THEN have the audacity to go on Twitter and claim to adopt everything.

all of these pets were purchased in the last year, which is terrifying considering the amount of animals she already owned in 2016.

                        adopt don’t shop RIGHT TAYLOR? don’t believe her.

         secondly -and this one bothers me the most- she almost always pins the blame(or atleast SOME of) on someone else when her animals get sick or die. Sick axolotl? someone else changed the water wrong. two dead hedgehogs? awful breeder (why the HELL would you buy 3 fucking hedgehogs from the same guy knowing the first one was sick…..), dead pacman frog? he was sick when i got him! i did everything right! dead seahorses? the guy in the store told everyone BUT me they were wild caught! geez…

at the end of the day, those are YOUR pets. it doesn’t matter who did what, because ultimately you are the owner and they’re under your care. step up and don’t blame others.

                                        anyway, here’s the third, relatively petty reason as to why her channel is extremely concerning:

 Taylor directly contributes to Walmart’s notorious fish abuse, as well as Petco’s and illegal turtle sellers in Texas. at least two times this girl has paid for sick fish/turtles to take home and nurse (don’t buy that bullshit about her getting free fish), thereby satisfying a sale and continuing the cycle of abuse. 

She paid a guy off about $400 USD so she could rescue approximately 80 baby turtles. Newsflash- this doesn’t help. at all. that man has now been given the incentive to continue illegally selling turtles and treating them like shit. she literally paid a guy for treating his animals like shit. she did all that mumbo talking to him and telling him it was wrong and he was reported etc. but man……..why taylor…….why………

                  some random personal reasons why i dislike her

*supports and has featured Brian Barczyk who generally does not treat his snakes well

*got her jawfish killed by moving him into a predator tank(so stupid, people even commented how dumb this was)

*right now her fucking pet mouse is sitting in a closet

*is dating jonny craig, a known drug addict who’s exes(all of them) have accused him of sexual abuse/assault/continued drug habits. pretty strong receipts on twitter

*let her axotlotl get critically ill for FIVE WHOLE WEEKS

*ranted about how people should never buy blue tangs, yet goes out and buys a naso tang for a tank that’s too small for it, shared with other fish and stuffed with rocks.

*let her cowfish get ich, didn’t do anything about it, WENT ON A TRIP, and let the whole tank get sick

anyway please reconsider supporting her channel. the main point of this is that she owns too many pets, doesn’t take proper care of most of them, and treats them like props for her channel. she is a major hypocrite. this is not honestly not ok.

there is nothing wrong with getting animals from breeders but its clear she does little research before making grabs at new pets. how are you the only one to not know your seahorses were wild? or that brian barczyk has a bad reputation with snakes? or what a sick axolotl looks like? it feels like she goes out, buys an animal, and THEN does 15 minutes worth of Googling before deciding to make care videos. 

Taylor’s intentions might be good but she is sending a very, very bad message on YouTube.

You said Brian Barczyk doesn’t treat his snakes well, do you have a similar post about him? Because I do watch his videos on occasion and if he’s as bad as you say I don’t want to continue supporting him either

Here you go

Thank you

No prob

I agree with a lot of points here, but some of your points are bit twisted to make her sound a lot worse.

The sick pacman frog and tree python bother me. There’s a handful of breeders out there that will sell sick animals, sometimes even the animal looks healthy at first till you discover underlying issues. Now you shouldn’t support people who sell sick animals in the first place,but placing all the blame on Taylor just isn’t fair. Being the pet owner doesn’t instantly make you responsible for buying a animal that was already sick. Taylor was not the one who let the animal get that way.

Her axolotl as well, correct me of I’m wrong, I don’t remember her saying someone changed the water wrong which is why mushu got sick. From what I know she thought mushu was egg bound and was trying to wait it out (since she was told they’ll reabsorb the eggs) which is why it took her 5 weeks to realize it wasn’t the case. It’s not always easy to notice when you pet is sick either, it doesn’t help there’s not a lot of vets for aquatic animals like axolotls either. Mistakes happen, misdiagnosis happens, what’s important is Taylor realized her mistake and admitted to it.