Did you consider other shrimp gobies for your …

Did you consider other shrimp gobies for your goby/shrimp pair or did you specifically want a yasha goby? I'm having trouble deciding. I originally wanted a Randall's goby, but then I wanted something captive bred which steered me towards the pink spotted watchman, but those are so big. There are captive bred yasha gobies now, but in pics, captive tend to be lighter orange than others I've seen, which I'm not totally a fan of.

I originally planned on getting a Randall’s! But on a trip to our lfs I saw Yoshi and absolutely LOVED him. I didn’t have any fish in the tank yet, so I stood in front of his display tank for a lengthy period of time to research yasha gobies on my phone then brought him home XD

From what I’ve noticed, most captive bred fish are paler than wild caught. I’m not sure which ones are aquacultured, but some you could look into: yellow watchman. They only get two or three inches, and I’m pretty sure you can get them captive bred! Black ray gobies. They’re very similar to yasha hase, they even share holes with them in the wild! I think sailfin gobies are another?
Again, I don’t know of any for sure that are aquacultured, so you’d have to look into that. I think just about any captive bred reef fish you get are going to be discolored though.