Greetings! I have kept tanks (mostly freshwate…

Greetings! I have kept tanks (mostly freshwater set-ups) in the past for 11 years, but due to college and such I have not been in the hobby for some time. I'm still doing research, but once I get back into the hobby, what would you recommend for a good set-up to get back into the swing of things? And, after that, and with more research (some of which I am doing now), what would be a good saltwarter FO system to start with?

Hi!! Unfortunately I’ve done very little with freshwater set ups, so I’m not really the person to ask haha. @my-splendid-splendens or @justnoodlefishthings seem to have experience with them?

As for a fish only salt tank: I don’t know what kind of space or size preference you have, but I think a 20-30 gallon all-in-one tank (biocubes are p nice) would be good! If you have sand and live rock you could get a goby or a goby/shrimp pair, which are a personal fav. A clown pair could be housed with them. You could also look at small damsels, but they are aggressive and would limit what other fish you could keep. And mollies! Many people aren’t aware that they can live in full salt, but they’re peaceful and great for taking care of green hair algae!