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I got my saltwater tank today! It’s a 24g fluval and it came with three fish. I’ll be adding way more live rock and coral but I’m taking my time. This is my first new friend, 5 Second Kill aka Killian named by my wonderful roommate @iamthehumanpikachu-mikachu. Also I need suggestions on cool reef safe fish and corals that a beginner could handle.

What are your other fish. And cool beginner fish consist of most gobies and blennies. They do well in smaller tanks. There’s others like cardinals too

For corals I recommend starting with soft corals and leather corals. Zoanthids(does contain a strong toxin so be careful when handling/fragging. Never boil a rock with them), toadstool corals, ricordea mushrooms,discosoma mushrooms, Xenia and anthelia (should be kept isolated or it *can* spread to plague status(technically any coral could do that but theyre the worst), green star polyps and clove polyps(same warning as Xenia)

That’s a beautiful clown! 😮

Some specific fish I’d recommend are diamond gobies (will sand sift and can move stuff around and make water cloudy) and green/blue chromis!!

And I strongly second mushroom corals. There are so many different kinds and they’re super hardy. Personally I’d stay away from Xenia and Green Star Polyps – they grow like absolute weeds and are a huge pain to keep trimmed back. They choked out everything in one of our tanks and killed it. Green or yellow button polyps are good starters! I don’t have experience with Kenya tree but from what I know it’s easy to keep – similar to Xenia but not near as much of a pain.

Good luck!!!