hello there! my mom has an old 10gal tank she …

hello there! my mom has an old 10gal tank she doesn't use anymore and I was wondering if there were any fish you'd recommend for that? maybe a single betta fish or a group of some very small social fish? I want to make the tank look like a natural environment rather than neon rocks and plastic plants. I'm interested in fish husbandry but don't know a lot! so any advice or other blogs you can direct me to would be super nice. ty!

 (jayce-space has a really good 10 gallon stocking list thing here that you should definitely check out!

Since you have an interest in the hobby but seem like a beginner as far as experience, you might want to go with a betta. they’re ubiquitous because they’re hardy and spunky and are generally better for beginners than other fish.

 if you wanted something a little different, you could look in to pea puffers or sparkling gouramis but keep in mind that these fish would be more difficult for beginners (pea puffers are picky eaters, you’d need live or frozen food and snails for them to munch on, sparkling gouramis might be difficult to find)

you could do a colony of shrimp but they might be sensitive to water fluctuations. i think you might be able to do a single dwarf crayfish in a 10. 

Personally i’d do sand and live plants if you want a more natural looking environment! you can get floating plants, short plants, and tall plants to really make your tank lush! the plants you will be able to take care of depend on the lighting and stocking of your tank. You’re probably gonna want to look for “low tech, low light, beginner plants” unless you have some nice lights.

Java fern and Anubias are pretty good options! make sure to research whether or not you can bury the plant in the substrate. some plants need to have their rhizomes exposed in order to thrive. some need to be buried because they don’t get as much nutrients from the water column. 

here’s a pretty nice list

you can buy aquarium plants locally or you can order them online. always check your local laws as to what plants are illegal to import/export. especially for floating plants (for example: i can’t get water hyacinth in texas because it’s not legal to import it here for environmental reasons) here’s a good resource for that 

if any of my followers want to comment with some advice feel free to do so!