I just can’t with these goldfish. There was a lovely large tuft of hair algae growing on the outlet of one of the filters. It was a bit unsightly but I decided to leave it there so the fish could nibble on it if they wanted. When I got home this weekend, though, my mom told me there was something going on with one of the fish and that he was acting odd. I sat by the tank for a while and it turned out that Sauron was so scared of the algae he had confined himself to a small corner of the tank the entire week. Every time he tried to get out of there, he swam straight into the algae ball instead of around it or over it and then got scared and went straight back to the little corner. Any food that flowed to the other side of the tank was left uneaten because he couldn’t reach it.

So, yeah, I had to remove it. 

I still miss my babies sometimes. 🐟