I read your Molly guide but still have a few q…

I read your Molly guide but still have a few questions. What if you don't want to breed? What should you do to prevent it? Also, there were a couple suggestions of tank mates but do you have any other specifics in terms of good ones?

Hi! That’s a very good question. Unless you’re going to keep just males or just females, you will inevitably get fry. What many aquarists do to prevent overcrowding is add tankmates to their setup that have a taste for molly fry, which brings us to your next questions. Which tankmates work depends on what pH you keep your mollies in – if it’s not too high <7.5 you have a few good options that can be expected to go after fry. 

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a dwarf cichlid expert but there are a few species such as Nannacara anomala, Laetacara curviceps, Pelvicachromis pulcher (AVOID MALE-FEMALE PAIRS OR YOU’LL END UP WITH THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM YOU’RE HAVING NOW) and Apistogramma borellii that seem like promising options to me. I have an article that discusses some of these here

If your pH is 7.5 or up it’ll be a bit more challenging to find tankmates that work – maybe some of the smaller hard water loving cichlids, but my knowledge on those is seriously lacking.

If anyone has input be sure to comment! Hope this helps at least 🙂