But anyways!  

Seeing as I no longer have fish and may not for some time I am considering a giveaway or small sale of items that I have stashed away and no need of. 

I’ll be keeping a number of things (the tanks, lights, snazzy new heater, etc. more expensive / sentimental items pretty much)  But I have items such as medication, food, maybe a outdated filter or two, piping, air stone, nets, etc. etc. That are only really taking my limited space and certain items (such as the food) shouldn’t be kept in a storage tub for ages.  

So mostly little things fishkeepers generally acquire and hoard after a time. These items would be used but in good condition, I just have no current need of them and it would feel better giving them away to people here who have a passion than some rando on craigslist.

So would this interest any of you by chance?