peta just proudly posted about their protesters running into the Crufts BIS ring. they proudly posted about scaring the people on the other end of this whole thing and the dogs they claim to care about (but obviously they do not).

fuck them to hell

what makes this even more frustrating is that Crufts – while the dog world is slow in general – has been moving in the right direction. ofc we want more, and there’s always much to be done, but they have been improving their practices and making visible steps towards betterment. and this so-called protest (because let’s be real, this is a PR stunt and nothing more) is counterintuitive and does nothing except enrage.

which i guess is PETA’s modus operandi, but still. 

PETA is a septic tank.

PETA legitimately does not care about pet animals. I say this because their founder is explicitly proud of killing adoptable cats rather than “risk” them being adopted to “bad” homes. I say this because they will lie and even steal pet animals to pts in their facility because being dead I better than having a chance at a good life, apparently. I say this because no matter the steps taken, they will ALWAYS find something wrong with animal ownership.

It’s not because they don’t think change is happening fast enough – it’s because their goal has since the beginning been total animal “liberation” and despite this not coming up in the “welcome to PETA” greetings they spout on campuses and at events, it’s still there in their talk about how bad people are at taking care of animals and how many pet animals are too far gone to ‘save" and if you dig through their site enough it’s there too – the idea that breeds should be allowed to go extinct (bully breeds notably) and the idea that pets ownership, the idea that humans are incapable of taking care of pets etc.

PETA wants MONEY first, and the fanatical members of it want a world where humans are completely separated from non-human animals. No improvements that any organization can make will ever be good enough for them.