Please help

My roommate got a beta fish and doesn’t know jack about taking care of it so I’m just gonna do it.

Anyone oon here that knows about beta fish please fill me in. All I have is my heart full of good intentions.

I’m getting a bigger tank and some gravel and some hidey places for it

What else should I be getting? Do they need special water or will regular filtered water work? What kind of plants can I put in with it? How often should the tank be cleaned?

🐳🐠Fishblr Please Interract 🐠🐳

Awww you’re a fish hero ♡


• at least a 2.5 gal aquarium (my boy loves his)

• a nice little heater to warm the lil wiggle

• a nice little filter to suck the nasties out

• some gravel or sand

• silk plants or real plants because plastic ones are too pokey and the betta could hurt themself

• SMOOTH decor – keep the fishy safe

• a nerite snail because they’re awesome

• Make sure to get a lid!! Bettas jump

• pellet food! Flakes aren’t very good. You can get a thing of Bug Bites Tropical Small Fish Formula on Amazon for five dollars – I highly recommend

•if you’re on city water or have chlorine you’ll need a dechlorinater. I recommend Seachem prime as it takes care of a lot of harmful things besides chlorine

You’re so awesome for taking care of the wiggle! Good luck!!!