Hi!! I’m working on a planted tank, and …

Hi!! I’m working on a planted tank, and was wondering if you have any suggestions for easy plants? I’m looking for something dense to go with java fern, easy carpeting/low growing plants, or cute flowering ones. As long as it doesn’t need co2. There’s so much and I’m having trouble finding stuff! (Letsgetsalty)

Hey! Water Sprite and Cabomba are really nice bushy plants. Anacharis and Hornwort are supposed to be good as well. (I’ve never had luck with them and I’m still salty)

I’ve never grown a carpeting plant, but the smaller varieties of Anubias can work. Anubias nana is one that I’ve grown. It’s probably an inch and a half tall, minus the roots. They draw nutrients from the water column, so many people glue or tie them onto rocks or driftwood. You can plant them though, just leave the crown uncovered. Small cryptocoryne varieties can also be used, but they’re faster growing and may grow too vertical for a good carpet. They’re very easy to grow and find, though.

Under special circumstances, Anubias will flower! Not sure what triggers it though, but the flowers are similar looking to Calla lilies.