finnicky-art: This is going to be one of them …


This is going to be one of them educational posts:
Often when people ask me about wild betta (especially mouth brooder) stocking they are shocked or confused as to why I suggest a higher male/female ratio. This video is a good example of why, you can see three fish in this video, the big dark female at the beginning is Bess II, the dominant female. The fish with the blue cheeks is my most submissive male (Macbeth) and the small lighter female (cleopatra) is my subdominant female. As you can see they are chasing and bullying him, cleopatra literally shoves him until he will do the courtship dance with her. Female mouth brooders are especially aggressive (especially towards subdominant males) which can lead to bullying if it’s not spread around. Luckily Macbeth is a chunky boy and, if he really wanted to, could get away but when the females outgrow him it’s going to cause issues. Male/female ratio of wilds is so important! As is knowing the temperament of your adult fish.
(Anyway, this is also just such interesting behavior, had to share, please note if the bullying does persist I have a spare tank to remove Macbeth to if he needs it, he’s been nipping his fins and stress striping lately so I may do it preemptively)