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Finally some decent weather to work on harness training outdoors. It was still a little cold though so she wasn’t too thrilled.

Do not put your cat on a leash. If you want a dog, get a dog. If you live somewhere that’s dangerous to have a cat, don’t have a cat. Animals are not an accessory, having a pet is a privilege, not a right. Don’t train an animal to perform for your entertainment. Fed up with this hipster bullshit.

@fuckyeahfuncats​ Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, however it is my choice to harness train my cat; A choice that is based on the fact that cats are an environmentally devastating invasive species and that the outdoors (regardless of where you live) are an unsafe, unpredictable environment for any free-roaming domestic animal to have unlimited access to. A harness/leash combo allows me to control how my cat interacts with that environment in a safe manner. I can quickly move her out of harms way if necessary and do not worry about her running off and getting lost, or worse. I also have plans to build an outdoor enclosure (catio) this summer to allow her more unrestricted outdoor access while still keeping her safe from danger.

Also, I don’t see how training my cat to accept and walk on a harness/leash, while safely enjoying the outdoors is considered entertainment. If anything it is for HER (the cat’s) entertainment. Not only does she get to exercise some of her natural instincts (she can still hunt and stalk all she wants, she just can’t catch and kill, for that I provide her with frozen-thawed feeder mice to “kill” and eat) she also gets to interact with the local feral cats and wildlife by scenting messages they left behind or watching them from a safe distance. If I ever thought my cat disliked wearing the harness, and walking on leash, than I would stop using it, but she loves it because it means she gets to go (safely) have fun outside.

God forbid I decide to take a few photos of my cat safely enjoying the outdoors on her harness and share them online to hopefully brighten up someones else’s day.

Teaching a cat to walk safely on a harness is cruelly forcing them to perform for entertainment now? Lmfao you’d think a blog that’s supposed to be about funny cats would be less up their own ass and be able to figure out why harness training is a good thing on their own but I guess they’d rather be a public jackass and have it explained to them that way instead.

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“fuckyeahfuncats” has a very misleading URL

more like fuckyeahdeadcats amirite

Reblogging for the SUPER GORGEOUS CAT and to laugh at the idea of proper animal care being “hipster bullshit”, lmao.