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Benefits of dating someone who works at a LFS, customer brought in this yellow finger gorgonian that was getting too big for their tank and gave it to her, for free! From what I’ve read, they’re a non photo synthetic (NPS) coral which means they don’t care too much about light, but have to be fed. I know gorgonians can struggle to thrive in home aquariums because they have to be fed, but we feed other corals directly so I hope it will do well. My biggest concern right now is that I’m fighting a terrible battle with algae and algae could be deadly to the gorgonian. To combat this, the gorgonian is currently in the lower part of the tank in one of the highest flow parts of the tank. We’re debating increasing flow to the whole tank, but we’ll see how it goes for right now.

Under the blues, the polyps look almost lavender and it’s the only yellow in the tank so it stands out nicely. I’m so excited!

Love these guys! I usually keep my NPS under the arches of my rock work – it’s nice and shady and the flow tends to go through them well. For gorgonians I’ve heard they need a certain water speed to be able to filterfeed – if it’s too fast they can’t grab anything, and thus won’t have much polyp extension. It’s a beautiful coral! Good luck!