Hey peeps, question for you. Does anyone have any experience with stock tanks?

I would love to put my axolotls (current and future) in a huge tank. A glass 300g tank (the minimum I’m comfortable putting ten axolotls in) is like $4k, and even though this tank will not exist for years, I’d rather not spend that much of my future money. A 300 stock tank is anywhere from $200-400.

I am still not asleep (it’s 6:30am and I went to bed at 9pm. Ugh.) so I’m planning out my babies’ future home.

I’ve got questions.

1. What kind of filter would you use? Or would you use a sump?

2. How do you keep a stock tank clean? Are there water changes? Siphoning?

3. Would I need a chiller?

4. What kind of stand would I need? I’d rather not put it on the floor.

5. Do you decorate it like an aquarium? With sand and everything? Or leave it bare bottom?

6. I’d DIY a mesh lid to keep the lotls in and the cats out, but would this type of set up even work for axolotls?

7. If I wanted to watch them underwater and not just from the top, am I able to cut a viewing hole? Is that safe?

I like to keep my mind off disappointing things (my bad health, my lack of a job still) so I’m really curious if this would work. Gonna tag a bunch of people in the hopes that one of them can answer some of these or point me in the direction of someone who can.

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The temp should be pretty constant in a tank that large so a chiller would be good if you live in a really warm place but won’t rack up your electricity bill after the first month because it will only switch on once a year. A sump is good but typically more for marine tanks which use macro algae and more complex equipment, not saying it’s not an option tho because it gives you a ton of space for filter activities. I would get an acrylic tank and they usually need a very sturdy metal and wood stand. Technically I think you can get away with just a wooden stand as long as you use thicc wood but I wouldn’t trust it since wood can flex over time which can turn out catostrofic, so I would look for something re-enforced. Lighting defuser works great as a low cost lid and sand or bare bottom is fine as long as they have enough hides. I’m partial to sand as long as you can keep it clean because it makes it easier for them to walk. A view hold for something like a tub tile container seems okay as long as it’s properly sealed and made with a strong material but I would worry about the introduced hole adding stress to the area around it. Generally, keep any modifications away from the bottom as that is the area which will experience the greatest preasure from the water. That’s a lot of lottles though and personally I really have to advise you to make sure you’re fully prepared to take care of ten individual lottles, including keeping track of every single one to check for subtle sign if Illness and taking measures to make sure feeding fights don’t happen. Keeping a close eye on signs illness is extremely important though as a larger population lends itself to being a bit risk for disease, which would cost 10 times as much to treat.