my-splendid-pets: You. Can’t see them at all …


You. Can’t see them at all here, but Max has two more little brown things in her muscles. You can see the big one, and the other two are much smaller and look like commas. They are above the original spot.

She seems ok otherwise. The only thing that concerns me is she’s very light colored. Her colors have barely gotten darker since I’ve had her. The only thing wrong is the pH is too high (7.2) and she could maybe use more cover, which I’m working on. She’s extremely active though, she doesn’t seem stressed or in pain. :/

I can’t really tell much from this, but if it helps Jackson had hemorrhagic septicemia and it looked like this. He got really lethargic before the spots showed up but that was the only change in behavior. It started as one spot and gradually grew into more.