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And the hardscape is done!!! Finally. It took me literally 12 hours to take out old sand and put in new substrate and level everything out and put in dividers to make the scape taller and then the rocks and wood but here is something closer to being done lol.

The plan is its going to be planted and filled tomorrow. Hopefully. I’ll be buying plants tomorrow so it has to be done tomorrow.

Also, dont mind how dirty the tank is i was too lazy to clean it off for pictures.

Edit: i really wanted to make this scape taller but my canister filter is drilled into the bottom of the tank on both freaking sides so that limited me.

Stunning hardscape! What are you thinking of doing for fish this time around?

Thanks 😀 Alot of small. I wanna utilize how long this tank is so my goal is to have only small community fish to emphasize the size of the tank. Def gonna try to get a school of Gold Neons I love those. Coral Red Pencilfish. Cories. Rummynose and Cardinal Tetras. LOTS OF APISTOS. Rams. All those tiny Rasboras. I really don’t want to get anything that gets larger than 2.5 inches.