Hi. I want to know more about breeding chinese…

Hi. I want to know more about breeding chinese fighters. Looks like mine want to breed. Bubble nest is build and looks like they are hugging. I have 2 big guppy males and about 13 cardinals in the same tank with the chinese fighters. Will that be a problem?


What exactly do you mean by Chinese fighters? Are you referring to Betta splendens, also known as the Siamese fighting fish? If that’s the case then I would recommend not going into breeding yet and researching their care a little more first. Why have you got a pair in the same tank? Are they in there permanently? I’d separate them ASAP. The tankmates you mention are not good options for Betta splendens either unfortunately.

Here’s the Betta category on Aquariadise, I recommend leaving the breeding for what it is right now and focusing on gaining more info.

If this wasn’t referring to Betta splendens, you can ignore all the above, obviously.