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Progress with Quasi’s tank is great! Before I could add friends, Quasimoto had to get over some seriously bad fin rot, poor little nub. But his fins are growing back and he gets along well with his tank mates!

Question: Any fishblr people know any tips on how to get rid of the calcium build up on the back of the tank? Thanks!

Using RO Water does help. If your water is that hard I am not sure if it’s a good idea to house a betta.

They need soft acidic water and the high kH is something that might always influence their health badly. Also same goes for the tetras.

Also pea puffer are doing better in slightly brackish water. I am not sure either if it is a good idea to house two territorial species in such a small tank (The pea and the betta.)

Please consider reading some guides to the care of your fish and try to adjust your tank accordingly.

@aquariadise has some very good care sheets for the species you currently own.

Alright, yes @whywolfprincess, although dwarf puffers don’t need brackish water that little booger has to be rehomed ASAP as it’s one of the least betta-compatible species I can think of unfortunately.

Before worrying about stuff like calcium build-up I strongly recommend redoing this stock. Aside from the pea puffer, bettas are also incompatible with neon tetras and what I think are rosy barbs and minnows but can’t zoom in on the photo. Minnows need much lower temps so those are especially problematic.

Some further reading:

Dwarf puffer care

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Hope you don’t take this as a personal attack; I know this advice is not asked for, but it’s still important. Even if things seem to be working now.