fish that no hobbyist should own, period:

  • arapaimas
  • alligator gar (and most gars in general)
  • redtail catfish
  • peacock bass
  • lungfish
  • african tigerfish
  • payara/vampire tetras
  • sturgeon
  • arowanas
  • electric eels
  • stingrays

unless you live in an area where one of those fish is native and you can build a suitable pond; or you own a tank that exceeds 10,000 gallons and have the abilities and funds to maintain it; you have no business owning anything on that list.

it’s not elitist. it’s not some PETA-approved tree hugger nonsense. it’s just common sense. fish like arowanas, peacock bass, sturgeon, and redtail cats? big, strong, active fish that need more than a swimming pool to be comfortable. payaras, gars, lungfish, electric eels, and african tigerfish are large and dangerous. stingrays are delicate fish that require an insane amount of space.

yes, there are some serious fishkeepers who can house fish that size, but they’re few and far between. a proper redtail catfish enclosure would cost you more than a high-end Mercedes just to set up. if you’re willing to dedicate that much time and money to a fish, then you’re not a plain hobbyist.

(also, the Monster Fish Keepers forum should be burned to the ground. thanks for coming to my ted talk.)


For more clarification, fish like the Alligator Gar that can grow to be twice as large as a 6 foot human in their natural habitat, and live for 25-50 years, (the red tailed catfish is to the right of the human)


and naturally live in places like this


should NOT be housed in pathetic tanks/pools like this


This is literally just cruel. There is no reason to keep a monster fish indoors or even in captivity at all. What benefit do you even get out of cramping a giant fish into a small container?

The fucking pet trade is a huge factor as too why half of these monster fish are critically endangered.