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New addition today! A lovely frag of Ice Fire Echinata, what a beautiful coral! One pic under relatively white lights, and one (for fun) with just the AI Prime’s UV and Violet channels + an orange filter. I love seeing how corals fluoresce!

Oh wow :0!!!!!! I’d love to hear some more about it! Is it photosynthetic? I’ve never heard of this coral before but I am in Love

It is pretty lovely isn’t it! So this piece is an Acropora Echinata, it is photosynthetic (in the way that most coral is considered photosynthetic, in that they technically aren’t.) In the reefkeeping hobby you’ll mostly find two color varieties, the one pictured above which was named Ice Fire, and another vibrant solid blue one known as the Hawkins Echinata. They are considered slightly more advanced corals to keep, but like most coral, specimens that have been kept in captivity for longer periods of time will be much hardier.

Amazing! Thanks!!