What betta story have you read or been told th…

What betta story have you read or been told that really touched your heart? Doesn't have to be a betta rescue or anything! Just a story that you will always remember.

I read betta stories all the time and they all really tug on my heart.

This isn’t a story, but it’s an experience:

In 2015, I got to go to my first big fish event, which was the Holland Koi Show. It’s a wonderful show that takes place on castle grounds in Arcen, Netherlands. I got to see SO MANY FISH, but also my first betta show, which was put on by Bettas4All. It was this show that really piqued my interest in show bettas, especially. I always remember how EXCITED I was to be there.

Also, I got to meet the wonderful @aquariadise in person at the show as well! <3

Here are pics from then: http://iantojonesthebetta.tumblr.com/tagged/holland-koi-show-2015