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I go to take Mac (Asian water monitor) out for a tour and since he’s sopping wet I want to towel him off. My boss gave me a towel with the Minions on it for this task.

So when I’m first taking him out he freezes. I’m thinking, “okay, is he stuck?” and help him down. Then I see he’s clamped onto the towel.

Eh??? Did someone wipe up rat juice with that towel? I thought it was clean. He won’t let go. I holler for my boss. “Oh sorry I forgot.” Forgot what?

“He hates the Minions. He always does that to this towel.”

So I’m explaining to the tour trying not to keel over laughing the reason we can’t take Mac out is because of his hatred for the Minions.

He eventually let go for a cockroach but that was a good 10 minutes of latching and whipping the towel. I feel you, man. I hate them too.









did I ever show y’all these yelling little babies I crafted out of clay

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They convene.

girls night!

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What the hell? This man is a monster. He doesn’t keep his fish in the right conditions AT ALL, makes his own pets fight to their death, and straight up blatantly abuses animals. The list just goes on. Make his name known. I can’t believe people like this exist.

Guys??? This is so fucking important. Like. This is the one time I don’t care who interacts with my blog. Fish are the most abused types of pets because of people’s ignorance and lack of empathy and it’s infuriating.

You can also report him to FL fish and wildlife, as he’s been seen releasing fish he’s caught, then kept in his aquariums/ponds, and then releasing them again. I just don’t know his actual name but I’m sure you sleuths can find out.




It’s been 16 years since I worked in a Maryland grocery store’s seafood department and I’m still haunted by the phrase “IS THIS ‘LUMP’ ALL THE WAY THROUGH?”

The lump is the most desired part of the crab, the largest solid pieces of meat, but our pre-packaged brand looked like this:

So you could only see through the top, and all day long, hour after hour, customers asked loudly if these packages were in fact entirely Lump or if they were gonna get a bunch of dinky flakes underneath that top Lumpy layer

But they ALL worded it the same exact way. “Is this lump all the way through?” I swear there was virtually no variation, no “is this all lump?” or anything. “IS THIS LUMP ALL THE WAY THROUGH??”

And we actually didn’t know, because it came in frozen off a truck like this. When we said we had no way of knowing they almost always scrunched their faces and didn’t buy any.

fishywarrior: Axy stack!


Axy stack!

Rare jumping spider discovered in UK for first…

Rare jumping spider discovered in UK for first time ever: undefined



Let us all marvel in this rare moment in which Spidey is using her water dish to drink instead of using it as a pool, a bed, a pedicure tub, or any other weird thing she can think of lol

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Snek sneezes! Turn up your volume if you want to hear the little sneezes.

I’m not sure why she’s sneezing. Maybe because she stuck her whole head underwater to drink. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯