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11 and 19!

11 and 19!

11 – opinion on wild-caught fish?

It really depends on the sustainability and methods used to catch them. I think the hobby has done great things for research, and I think having safely, sustainably caught wild fish is ok until captive bred ones are available. In just the past few years numerous species (yellow and hippo tangs, some angels, yasha and yellow gobies) have been successfully bred in captivity! I feel like we should stop, or at least decrease the number of, those fish we catch. And I think having at least a few of the species we can’t breed is also important, should anything happen to the wild populations. I also really wish the use of cyanide to catch fish would stop.

19 – bristle worms- good or bad?

They make good cleanup crew, but I’m kinda indifferent to them. I have tons of them, I just let them be until they get too big.

21 & 24!

21 & 24!

21 – favorite fish fact?

Some sand is made from parrot fish eating corals and pooping out the ground up skeleton

24 – do you start the siphon with a pump or with your mouth?


idk the scientific name or anything, but it lo…

idk the scientific name or anything, but it looks to me like your hermit crab is a Tiny New Friend

I’d never heard of that kind so I googled it and!! It looks like you’re right!!!!

"what is that? i thought you were feeding…

"what is that? i thought you were feeding me??? wait. WAIT. oh it's food."

“I ordered it medium-well. I think it’s undercooked.”

for my planted tanks, i use "full spectru…

for my planted tanks, i use "full spectrum" high lumen led lighting. I've been able to find good lights like this for my 15 gals for $20 each and my plants do great. i also add ferts, both liquid and pellet, and liquid co2 shots, will be changing to a yeast based system soon though.

Thanks for the info!!!

11 and/or 17 for the meme? :)

11 and/or 17 for the meme? 🙂

11 – do you struggle with algae?

YES. I’ve got multiple kinds of invasive algae in my reef tank and it’s an absolute pain. I’ve kinda given up getting rid of it.

17 – do you clean your tanks (an extra little) before guests come over?

People hardly ever come over, but I do try to make sure it looks nice when they do!

Is it possible to keep shrimp in a mason jar t…

Is it possible to keep shrimp in a mason jar that's planted with snails?? Or should I juss stick to a planted jar?? Thank you!

I definitely wouldn’t keep any animals in a mason jar. Even if you have a larger jar – like those big pickle ones – it would be really unstable. Shrimps and snails usually need more stable conditions.
If you had something 2 or more gallons you could probably get away with ghost shrimp, as long as filtration and aeration aren’t an issue. I’ve heard snails will crawl out, so that may be another issue!

emzotic seems really knowledgeable, however, s…

emzotic seems really knowledgeable, however, she puts her giant african land snails in a tub where they are submerged in water, and it's extremely dangerous. Giant african land snails should NEVER be completely submerged in water, they should be provided a shallow bath with water that doesn't reach up to the bottom of the shell (Where the breathing pore is), otherwise they could drown, and they should be able to climb in and out of it by themselves (if they need help to get out, it's not safe).

I’ve actually grown away from emzotic which is really disheartening, I really enjoyed her in the beginning but now she’s kissing ass to bigger channels and a lot of her practices as of late have been sloppy and inconsiderate of the animals. 

I’d truthfully no longer recommend her channel. 

I saw your post about Taylor Nicole Dean a few…

I saw your post about Taylor Nicole Dean a few months ago. She made a video where she shows the 5 pets she bought at a Reptile Expo… What's your opinion about it?

I don’t know how long this message has been in my asks but I assure you my disdain for taylor and her impulse purchasing habits have aged like fine wine and I’m awaiting the day she realizes she’s fucked up.

Which is any day now if that mess about the monitor she (impulse) purchased says anything.

I apologize for my lack of knowledge but I was…

I apologize for my lack of knowledge but I was wondering what an lfs stood for?

LFS Stands for Local Fish Store ^-^