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What is your opinion about coral jewerly?

What is your opinion about coral jewerly?

Looks-wise I think it’s alright, maybe something I’d wear. Ethically I think it’s fine?? I don’t know a whole lot about how it’s collected, but from what I understand it’s skeletons from non-reefbuilding corals, so I don’t think it’d really cause much impact

Yo, I just wanna mention how awesome it is tha…

Yo, I just wanna mention how awesome it is that you stood up for yourself when someone got mad you didn’t want anyone anti-lgbtqia+ following your blog. Ily and your blog! Have a great pride month ❤️🌈 (sorry if this is random)

Awww thank you!! I’ve avoided mentioning anything about it for a long time ‘cause I didn’t want to start any drama, but after I made that first pride post quite a few people unfollowed. I don’t want anything to do with them – I put up with enough queerphobia irl, they can take their crap somewhere else.
I hope you have a great pride too! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Take a pic of Cory!

Take a pic of Cory!

I’ll try to next time I see him!!

If you were to recommend a beginner saltwater …

If you were to recommend a beginner saltwater setup with relatively easy/hardy species to someone who has only ever had freshwater tanks… what would you recommend?

I usually say a thirty gallon cube with a back filter chamber, with clownfish, damsels, or a watchman goby. You can usually have three fish in there, as long as they aren’t active swimmers and they’re all compatible.
If you’re looking at coral, just make sure you have a decent reef light and stable parameters. For a tank that size you’ll want to get an auto top off. Really, the larger tank you have the easier it’ll be.
You’ll want to start with soft corals like zoanthids or mushrooms, maybe green star polyps or xenia if you don’t mind pruning it out.

If you’d like you can look through my “tank suggestions” tag and see what I’ve recommended to other people

The other day I peeked into my betta's ta…

The other day I peeked into my betta's tank to see what she was up to. She appeared from behind a plant and proceeded to FLARE HER BEARD AT ME. Rude.

Such a rude gurl! My girl flared for the first time today when I kissed her tank. Kids these days.

What do you do with all the baby mollies?

What do you do with all the baby mollies?

I’m not sure what I’ll do yet!! I haven’t raised any to the point I can’t house them. I’ll probably see if any local salt people want them, or sell them as saltwater feeder fish. If worse comes to worse I probably have enough space to House all of them as adults.

Hey there!! I've been looking into saltwa…

Hey there!! I've been looking into saltwater tanks recently and I was wondering if a 30 gallon would be an appropriate size to set one up in and how many fish I could potentially put in there? I'd love to have a firefish and maybe an orchid dottyback, and my fiance really wants a clownfish. Would 30 gallons be enough or would that be overstocked??

My mom actually has that exact set up! She has a 29 gallon cube packed full of soft coral, a clownfish, firefish, dotty back, and green chromis. I think that would make a great first setup! I would suggest you look into an auto top off, just so that your salinity is more stable in a tank that size. The biocube 29 gallons are pretty nice, if you’re looking for tank suggestions. Good luck!!

11 and 19!

11 and 19!

11 – opinion on wild-caught fish?

It really depends on the sustainability and methods used to catch them. I think the hobby has done great things for research, and I think having safely, sustainably caught wild fish is ok until captive bred ones are available. In just the past few years numerous species (yellow and hippo tangs, some angels, yasha and yellow gobies) have been successfully bred in captivity! I feel like we should stop, or at least decrease the number of, those fish we catch. And I think having at least a few of the species we can’t breed is also important, should anything happen to the wild populations. I also really wish the use of cyanide to catch fish would stop.

19 – bristle worms- good or bad?

They make good cleanup crew, but I’m kinda indifferent to them. I have tons of them, I just let them be until they get too big.

21 & 24!

21 & 24!

21 – favorite fish fact?

Some sand is made from parrot fish eating corals and pooping out the ground up skeleton

24 – do you start the siphon with a pump or with your mouth?


idk the scientific name or anything, but it lo…

idk the scientific name or anything, but it looks to me like your hermit crab is a Tiny New Friend

I’d never heard of that kind so I googled it and!! It looks like you’re right!!!!