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emzotic seems really knowledgeable, however, s…

emzotic seems really knowledgeable, however, she puts her giant african land snails in a tub where they are submerged in water, and it's extremely dangerous. Giant african land snails should NEVER be completely submerged in water, they should be provided a shallow bath with water that doesn't reach up to the bottom of the shell (Where the breathing pore is), otherwise they could drown, and they should be able to climb in and out of it by themselves (if they need help to get out, it's not safe).

I’ve actually grown away from emzotic which is really disheartening, I really enjoyed her in the beginning but now she’s kissing ass to bigger channels and a lot of her practices as of late have been sloppy and inconsiderate of the animals. 

I’d truthfully no longer recommend her channel. 

I saw your post about Taylor Nicole Dean a few…

I saw your post about Taylor Nicole Dean a few months ago. She made a video where she shows the 5 pets she bought at a Reptile Expo… What's your opinion about it?

I don’t know how long this message has been in my asks but I assure you my disdain for taylor and her impulse purchasing habits have aged like fine wine and I’m awaiting the day she realizes she’s fucked up.

Which is any day now if that mess about the monitor she (impulse) purchased says anything.

I apologize for my lack of knowledge but I was…

I apologize for my lack of knowledge but I was wondering what an lfs stood for?

LFS Stands for Local Fish Store ^-^

have u seen the drama on twitter regarding tnd and a photo of her geck & skink together

Oh jeez, she put the gecko & skink together…???

I’ve been M.I.A. but I’m slowly catching up on Taylor stuff and yikes, I’m not a reptile person but don’t skinks eat gecko’s?  Yikes, Taylor, Yikes.  I wouldn’t say that was worth the risk for a twitter photo. 

I like that your criticism post for Nicole isn’t cruel; you don’t call her a bitch or other things that other callout posts tend to do. Your criticisms are honest and pointed but not mean, just necessary and truthful. I appreciate that and thanks for keeping information circulating.

I do get heated sometimes, especially on that one turtle post I made but I do try my best to remain civil and let the facts do what they will.  It’s just unfortunate that these facts are relatively negative and I really hate that, it’s really just such a waste, I think.  For her to do the things she does and how she does them. 

I can sit here and hope she’ll step up her game but I’ve been following along with her for so long that I really don’t believe she will be changing anytime soon. 

Yes Joeys arrowaba died in a freak accident. It was so sad seeing him trying to save it. I had a good cry that week. Also u should whatch his recent videos the gallery is looking more beautiful by the second. Im in love with the peacock tank???

Oh nooooo D’’:  I’ll have to catch up when I can ;w;   At least he still has the other one right?   And the gallery oh man, I’m so excited to see how that is coming along I like drool whenever I see fish rooms / garages / sheds I die.

TND, She admitted in her latest Axolotl video that it was sick for months because she neglected it. She didn’t do enough water changes, then didn’t notice the axolotl had developed a fungus until it was at death’s door. She’s always said she has “the worst luck” with sick animals, and rejecting the idea that she could possibly be an animal hoarder. But now she’s ADMITTED it was her fault. But it hasn’t been a wake up call… I think I’m done with her. To many excuses.

Oh wow, yeah I’ve been un-able to watch any youtube videos lately 

(cries about missing goldfish moms videos  & I heard that Joey’s Arrowana died?  D’:) 

But at least she’s admitted to being at fault, if i’m reading your message correctly?  Then again saying she has the worst luck with sick animals is another excuse like….  If you know you’re the reason an animal gets sick… Maybe you should change your care up to be more up to standards or I don’t know……  Have less of a load of animals in general. 

I don’t know I’m just really iffy about the trend that’s become popular of having sooo many animals.  Like I feel for fishkeepers it’s moderately justified because fish don’t need the sort of care other animals do.  Like, you don’t need to socialize or coddle fish ya know?  (Even though there are many who would love to cuddle their fishies.  I know I would if I knew it wouldn’t be detrimental to their health lmao)

But hmm…   I’ve been done with her a while myself, her excuses and lack of change has unsettled me, not to mention dangerous and lazy practices that she’s sharing with a progressively vicious fanbase. I’ll say it again, because there’s always that one person, but I have nothing against Taylor herself —  In fact I’m sure she’s lovely in conversation and person, I’d even be happy to speak to her dare I ever somehow have the chance — But my opinions are my own and I’m glad I have others I can discuss such ‘controversial’ subjects with.  Because people shouldn’t be afraid to speak their thoughts and views because someone has a larger outreach than they do personally.

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11. What foreign country would you most like to visit and why?

I’d would adore Egypt!  I’ve always loved the place, when I was a little girl I wanted to move there and I’m still fascinated with the culture and art.  A close second would be Japan or China for the koi and goldfish (among other things). ^-^

46. From 1-10, rate your dancing ability.

-100.  I have…  Very little grace in my bones.  I can jump around but that’s about it.

158. Favorite Beatles song?

I admittedly haven’t listened to many Beatles songs…?  Yellow Submarine is the only one I ever remember hearing and I didn’t care for it that much.  😡

What do you think about tnd leaving her axolotol starving and sick for 5 weeks while she travels to california knowing it was sick without taking him to the vet before this 5 week critical mark? She tought it was eggbound but now she thinks is a fungus. She still hasn’t take her to a vet. I ask you cause youre one of the only people I see calling her out but everybody else is blinded by this girl.

Oh jesus christ what has she done now.  

I myself am currently in California.  We’re slowly but surely working on a move here from Iowa.  So I’ve been mia & haven’t even looked at youtube in over a month.  But damn.  Looks like I have something to look into.  

Poor babies.  But it’s not really typical for someone to take an aquatic pet to a vet? (I haven’t heard of any exotic vets seeing axolotls??)  Unless it’s a turtle of sorts.  So we can’t give her too much grief for that–  What we can give her grief for is not putting effort into caring for this axolotl herself.  I’m not sure what can be done to help an eggbound ‘lotl, but fungus should be decently treatable as long as she’s able to keep up with it and monitor.  

But again-  I have been completely off the grid for upwards of a month & this is the first I’ve heard of anything.  I might go check in on her later I don’t know but I’m not in a position to offer an opinion on the matter at this point in time.

I would like to thank you because you have improved my life greatly. I used to impulse buy animals because of my depression (and also because Taylor Nicole Dean made it seem okay). When I found your blog, everything you said about her and her impulse buying made sense to me. Now I find happiness in taking care of the animals I have and no longer feel the need to fill the void with buying animals. You are a wonderful person!!! Thank you.

Oh my I really don’t want to take credit for  all that– But thank you, I’m glad that I somehow guided you to a better path.  I think its a very large problem in the pet keeping community.  (Though I see it most often in the reptile keeping community.  There’s nothing wrong with a collection of course so long as you care for them all.  But I think for some it gets to the point where some are just crossing off a list going from one animal to the next and to the next for the sake of having the animal.  But this goes with all animals, fish included. )

Any animal is a commitment and a life that is now in your hands.  You control their world.  You are responsible for them and must ensure they are as happy and healthy for as long as possible. 

It’s always a fun and exciting event to get a new pet, but sometimes I feel people get so into it that they forget to appreciate the animals they already have.  Which is really unfortunate and saddens me greatly. 

So I am so happy that you have found the joy in caring for and appreciating the friends already in your care.  So so happy I’m so happy for you and your animals.  I can’t stress that enough.  I wish you and them luck, health and a long happy life together.