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Snake polyps! They look like Venus flytraps of the sea


Don’t wanna get flagged for nsfw but,,,,,,,, they’re kissing


The shrimp have been together for a few weeks, and we’ve got eggs!!! You can see the brown area on her belly, where she’s carrying them between her flappers.

I’m pretty sure this is the new girl, not Mario, but I’m not sure why she’s building? Usually he does that.

Returning to my favorite fish store, and one t…

Returning to my favorite fish store, and one that just happens to sit on top of a massive african cichlid hatchery. This time Dave Hale shows us around his storefront as well, along with a separate building that’s offsite that you’ve never seen before. This is a long video but it’s worth it.


Rescaped Arp’s tank yesterday! I’m working on a wintery decoration for the front!


Fed Stephen tonight!!! He accidentally chased the shrimp before honing in on the worms!

(This video was taken from the fairly new letsgetsalty instagram, HowRefreshingHowShrimp, which you can check out if you’d like~)

I return to my favorite home fishroom, and one…

I return to my favorite home fishroom, and one with an awesome purpose: The Ohio Fish Rescue. Big Rich takes in fish that have outgrown their tanks (or that can no longer be taken care of) and gives them a home for life. If you missed last year’s video tour, you can see it here:

The Ohio Fish Rescue’s channel:


There’s still one week left to vote! I’ve been working on this shrimp bowl since August for an aquascape contest, and your vote would mean a lot to me!

To vote:

1) click on the link.

2) if you don’t already have a Reef2Reef account you’ll need to set one up. It’s free, just put in a username and email!

3) after you’re logged in, there will be a list of the contestants at the top of the page, with a little box by each name. Click the box by the name you want to vote for (I’m number 11, VKP01!) and then the “cast vote” button.

4) you’re done! Thank you so much!

Every vote helps! Thank you for your votes and reblogs! 🦐


The black ray goby – now named Winonia! – has gotten bold enough to move to the front of the tank! She’s already sharing pistol shrimp with Yoshi, I’m hoping they’ll start living together!