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Take a pic of Cory!

Take a pic of Cory!

I’ll try to next time I see him!!

If you were to recommend a beginner saltwater …

If you were to recommend a beginner saltwater setup with relatively easy/hardy species to someone who has only ever had freshwater tanks… what would you recommend?

I usually say a thirty gallon cube with a back filter chamber, with clownfish, damsels, or a watchman goby. You can usually have three fish in there, as long as they aren’t active swimmers and they’re all compatible.
If you’re looking at coral, just make sure you have a decent reef light and stable parameters. For a tank that size you’ll want to get an auto top off. Really, the larger tank you have the easier it’ll be.
You’ll want to start with soft corals like zoanthids or mushrooms, maybe green star polyps or xenia if you don’t mind pruning it out.

If you’d like you can look through my “tank suggestions” tag and see what I’ve recommended to other people



Omg?? Thank youuu
Boiúna is a baby/juvenile Albino Senegal Bichir (Polypterus senegalus)
They should eventually get about 15inches as an adult, but the largest size ive seen when looking for info was a possible 28inches in the wild lmao, but they seem to average slightly over 1ft to just under 2ft in the home?

The other day I peeked into my betta's ta…

The other day I peeked into my betta's tank to see what she was up to. She appeared from behind a plant and proceeded to FLARE HER BEARD AT ME. Rude.

Such a rude gurl! My girl flared for the first time today when I kissed her tank. Kids these days.

What do you do with all the baby mollies?

What do you do with all the baby mollies?

I’m not sure what I’ll do yet!! I haven’t raised any to the point I can’t house them. I’ll probably see if any local salt people want them, or sell them as saltwater feeder fish. If worse comes to worse I probably have enough space to House all of them as adults.

when i was caring for my sick betta on his las…

when i was caring for my sick betta on his last leg and i did a water change and adjusted some stuff in the tank i didn't have a major pH swing and he passed away, i think the safest bet would just be that there was too big of a pH swing from them or they were possibly just not the healthiest?

I did a water change /after/ they died. I think there might be confusion about that. I’m still trying to figure out what’s up – I lost two out of eighteen shrimp, and as of this morning one fry

Hey there!! I've been looking into saltwa…

Hey there!! I've been looking into saltwater tanks recently and I was wondering if a 30 gallon would be an appropriate size to set one up in and how many fish I could potentially put in there? I'd love to have a firefish and maybe an orchid dottyback, and my fiance really wants a clownfish. Would 30 gallons be enough or would that be overstocked??

My mom actually has that exact set up! She has a 29 gallon cube packed full of soft coral, a clownfish, firefish, dotty back, and green chromis. I think that would make a great first setup! I would suggest you look into an auto top off, just so that your salinity is more stable in a tank that size. The biocube 29 gallons are pretty nice, if you’re looking for tank suggestions. Good luck!!

6 and 27 🐟

6 and 27 🐟

6 – opinion on clownfish?

Really cool fish, but unnecessarily popular? I really hope they don’t become the bettas of saltwater. They have really neat life cycles though! I die a little every time someone calls them a ‘nemo’. I really wish Finding Nemo didn’t have the effect on them that it did, but it’s also what created demand and had a part in them becoming captive bred so?

27 – bare hands, gloves, or tongs to handle coral?

Bare hands, unless I’m really concerned about being stung

16, 24

16, 24

16 – any fish/coral/inverts you think shouldn’t be kept in aquariums?

There’s sooo many… my biggest one would probably be whale sharks. I’ve seen them being kept over in Japan and I think that they truly can’t be provided for in captivity space wise. On a smaller scale, I disagree with the widespread capture of dragonets for the aquarium trade. While some people may have luck in keeping them, the majority of aquarists just can’t sustain the copepod populations to sustain them. The vast majority of them slowly starve to death, so yes, I don’t think they should be kept in aquariums unless provided for appropriately.

24 – what comment do you get most about your aquarium or the fact that you keep saltwater?

“Isn’t that hard work? Like, they’re a lot of maintenance right?”

Yes… they’re tough, but I’ve found having a strict maintenance routine makes it ever so easy. Check your salinity every day, test your water once a week, frequent water changes and feeding appropriate amounts of food make keeping a reef tank that much simpler.



23 – ever been to a real reef?

I haven’t!! I’ve found some maybe corals in tide pools, and I’ve found tons of cool sea life, especially at tide pools in California, but I haven’t been to a reef yet!