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Aquariadise article: Betta food & feeding

If you’ve just gotten your first Betta, the choice in foods might be a little intimidating. There’s flakes, pellets, frozen, freeze dried… but what works best?!

Find out all about betta foods and feeding your Betta on Aquariadise here!

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Photo: betta buddy by brycegandy

Aquariadise article: Why Betta bowls are bad

Bettas are incredibly popular, but unfortunately their popularity has come with a LOT of misconceptions about their care. The average chain pet store will tell you they can live in bowls, don’t need a heater or filter and can feed on plant roots. Umm, no! 

Find out why Betta bowls are bad on Aquariadise here!

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Photo by @firebreathingbettas

Aquariadise article: Rosetail Betta – the down…

Ugh, rosetail Bettas. Their extremely long, flowy and colorful tails look extremely attractive, but at what cost? Many (beginning) aquarists might not realize the consequences of excessive tail branching and length.

Find out why rosetails are BAD on Aquariadise here.

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Photo: Double-Headed Awesome by yummysmellsca

Betta than a Bowl: betta fish aquariums & bett…

An Aquariadise classic! Most of us know Betta bowls are bad, but why? And what does a proper Betta tank actually look like?

Find out what a Betta tank should look like on Aquariadise here!

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Photo by the ever-lovely @iantojonesthebetta

Caresheet: Betta | Betta splendens

They’re probably the most popular aquarium fish out there today and I think almost every aquarist has kept them at some point: Betta fish. Unfortunately, with popularity come all sorts of misconceptions about care and it’s no different for this little labyrinth fish. Time to put all those myths to rest! 🐟

Find out everything you need to know about Betta care on Aquariadise here.


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Kappa got a new set up

Kappa got a new set up

photozoi: Suddenly, a rock is discovered!


Suddenly, a rock is discovered!

What is this?! A Betta care infographic that actually contains…

What is this?! A Betta care infographic that actually contains correct info? *GASP*

Kudos to Modest Fish for their great article on Betta tank setup. Be sure to have a look!

New post on Aquariadise: My visit to Interkoi & Aquaristik!

A few weeks ago I attended Interkoi & Aquaristik, a koi- and aquarium expo in Germany. There were tons of cool aquarium things to see and I photographed as much as I could! 

I just posted the photos I took in a nice little slideshow, so if you need some aquarium inspiration be sure to click here and have a look. 

(hey betta lovers – there are plenty of betta pics in there)