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Aquariadise article: The 8 worst beginner fish

I see it all the time: beginners with tiny tanks who somehow end up with fish that are difficult to keep and grow massive. All the fish on this list are fascinating and work well in aquariums, but you might want to avoid them if you’re just getting started…

Find out the 8 worst beginner fish on Aquariadise here.

Photo by Daniel Ahlqvist (CC BY-SA 3.0, original)

Caresheet: Dwarf Puffer | Carinotetraodon trav…

Looking for a fish that’s a little different than most community species? Dwarf puffers are intelligent, fun to keep and do well in smaller tanks of 10 gallons (38L) and up. 🐟

You can read the full dwarf puffer caresheet on Aquariadise here!


Showing you my new (and for now, my only) fish…

Showing you my new (and for now, my only) fish, a wild caught umbee from the Umbee King. He’s the only one importing from this collection point so be sure to check him out here:



Big Rich and Josh from the Ohio Fish Rescue …

Big Rich and Josh from the Ohio Fish Rescue invited me along as they rescued a big group of monster fish from Gerber’s, a local fish store in Dayton.

Back from another week in Hurghada. Now equipp…

Back from another week in Hurghada. Now equipped with a Sony A6000 in a Meikon housing. Very happy with the results! More pictures to come.

Hey aquarium lovers! Would anyone be intereste…

I’ve been wanting to start an aquarium group for a while but I’m afraid it will end up filled with Betta bowls and other examples of bad husbandry, leading to discussions and a bad atmosphere. The shrimp & crayfish & snail & crab world is pretty mellow, though, so that seems like a much safer idea! I also know there are tons of cool people on here who keep them, so…

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Hey Fishblr! I could REALLY use your help. And…

I’m doing
an online survey for my bachelor thesis and I need as many (qualifying) respondents as
possible to fill it out.
The aim of the survey is to find out in which ways
celebrities can use their fame for the public good – not related to fishkeeping but definitely an important subject. 

The survey consists of a few general demographic
questions, a short video and a bunch of additional questions.
Should only take you about 10 minutes and it’s completely anonymous! I’m
looking for respondents between 18-25 years of age who are located in the
United States.

So what’s
in it for you? I’m giving away a set of SIX Marimo balls to one lucky
These decorative aquatic moss balls look great in an aquarium or just a cute vase. Just leave your e-mail
address at the end of the survey to enter. 

Thanks in
advance and good luck to all participants.

➡➡➡ Please click here to start the survey and participate in the giveaway. ⬅⬅⬅

Note: it is possible to enter more than once! You can only fill out the questionnaire one time but you can send it to a friend or family member so they can fill it out and enter your e-mail address to increase your chances.

You can send the survey to friends/family using this link:

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Marimo by nuwandalice

I recently returned to Something Fishy, a grea…

I recently returned to Something Fishy, a great fish store in Cleveland, Ohio with a huge african cichlid breeding operation in the basement. The owner, Dave Hale, walked me around and talked about all of his fish and what has changed since last year. If you like frontosa you don’t want to miss it!

Come along as Big Rich Price takes us into his…

Come along as Big Rich Price takes us into his massive home fishroom that serves as a rescue operation, providing forever homes for fish whose owners can no longer care for them.

Donate to the Ohio Fish Rescue here:

Check out their Facebook group: