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The new Duncan!!

The new Duncan!!


🐡 Reefblr Asks 🐡

There aren’t a lot of reefblrs, but here!!

1 – softy or stony?

2 – what size tank do you consider a nano?

3 – ever been stung by something in your tank?

4 – do you dose a lot of products? Or only keep corals your tank will support on its own?

5 – ever had any cool hitchhikers?

6 – opinion on clownfish?

7 – sump, back chamber/all-in-one, or no filtration?

8 – dream fish?

9 – dream coral?

10 – dream invert?

11 – opinion on wild-caught fish?

12 – do you get your livestock from a store or online?

13 – how did you get into the hobby?

14 – how long have you been in the hobby?

15 – do you know anyone in person who keeps saltwater?

16 – any fish/coral/inverts you think shouldn’t be kept in aquariums?

17 – most expensive coral you own?

18 – most expensive fish you own?

19 – bristle worms- good or bad?

20 – meticulously clean and trimmed, or messy and grown out?

21 – a misconception about saltwater aquariums/fish/corals you wish you could dispel?

22 – have you had any negative experiences with people in the hobby?

23 – ever been to a real reef?

24 – what comment do you get most about your aquarium or the fact that you keep saltwater?

25 – ever had to deal with a power outage?

26 – ever moved a reef tank?

27 – bare hands, gloves, or tongs to move coral?

28 – advancements you look forward to seeing in the hobby?

29 – do you look up to anyone in the hobby?

30 – what did you think of Finding Nemo?

31 – do you see reef tanks as ‘expensive TVs’ or are you more emotional invested?

Aquariadise article: Why Betta bowls are bad

Bettas are incredibly popular, but unfortunately their popularity has come with a LOT of misconceptions about their care. The average chain pet store will tell you they can live in bowls, don’t need a heater or filter and can feed on plant roots. Umm, no! 

Find out why Betta bowls are bad on Aquariadise here!

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Photo by @firebreathingbettas

The reef is having a good day. It was so beaut…

The reef is having a good day. It was so beautiful this morning.

Setosa Sunday…

Setosa Sunday…

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More footage from my LFS. They take their aquascapes seriously! 🌿

Aquariadise on FB

Pics of the tanks 4/21/18! The reef is looking…

Pics of the tanks 4/21/18!
The reef is looking good. The 20 is going through puberty.

Post-feeding activity

Post-feeding activity

Aquariadise article: Choosing an aquarium subs…

There are so many aquarium substrates out there – do you need sand? Gravel? River rocks? Maybe even a cross between sand and gravel like the caviar sand pictured below! How do you choose?!

Find out everything about choosing an aquarium substrate on Aquariadise here!

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Someone’s been busy at my LFS… what a beauty!

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