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Aquariadise article: The best beginner fish

If you read my previous post about the worst beginner fish, you might be wondering if there are any fish that ARE beginner-proof. Of course! The fish on this list are easy to keep if you have the basics down.

Find a list of the best beginner fish on Aquariadise here.

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Photo: Corydoras hastatus by nanjenchan

I wonder where he’s going.

I wonder where he’s going.

Red cherry shrimp caresheet

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Aquariadise article: Aquarium nitrogen cycle &…

If you’re a beginning aquarist, this article (or another cycling guide) should be your fishkeeping bible. Without a stable cycle, your fish won’t live a long life! 

Even if you’ve been in the hobby for a while, it’s always good to refresh your knowledge once in a while to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.

Find out how to cycle your aquarium on Aquariadise here.

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Aquariadise article: How to make gel fish food

Making your own fish food might sound complicated but it actually really isn’t. All you need are some nutritious ingedients and a whole bunch of gelatine!

Find out how to make gel fish food on Aquariadise here.

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Aquariadise article: Why goldfish bowls should…

Of all my articles, I think this one is among the most important. I’ll let the image speak for itself.

Find out why goldfish bowls are BAD on Aquariadise here.

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Photo: Us by motorboat4107

Aquariadise article: The 8 worst beginner fish

I see it all the time: beginners with tiny tanks who somehow end up with fish that are difficult to keep and grow massive. All the fish on this list are fascinating and work well in aquariums, but you might want to avoid them if you’re just getting started…

Find out the 8 worst beginner fish on Aquariadise here.

Photo by Daniel Ahlqvist (CC BY-SA 3.0, original)

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A little impression of my invert only tank! If you’re wondering why it’s messy, crayfish love to uproot dwarf hairgrass and shrimp/snails love algae so I leave that on some of the panels. 😊🦐🐌

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New caresheet on Aquariadise: Dwarf orange cra…

I used to keep the tiny Cambarellus shufeldtii a few years ago and finally got another dwarf crayfish a recently. This time it’s a Cambarellus patzcuarensis ‘orange’, better known as the CPO crayfish or dwarf orange crayfish. What a fun addition 😍

This called for a full caresheet.

You can now find everything you need to know about the dwarf orange crayfish on Aquariadise here!

Aquariadise Freshwater Invert Keepers – group …

It’s me again with another giveaway 😅

To celebrate the launch of the new invert keepers Facebook group, Aquariadise & @theshrimpfarm are giving away $25 gift card to spend at The Shrimp Farm!

The Shrimp Farm is an online aquarium store that caters to all your invert keeping needs: a wide range of shrimp, plants, crayfish, foods, equipment, decorations and more. They have been kind enough to sponsor this giveaway by donating a $25 gift card to one lucky winner!

So how can you enter? Request to become a member of the Aquariadise Freshwater Invert Keepers group and comment on the giveaway post. Like or follow @theshrimpfarm on at least one of their social channels (click their name to follow their Tumblr or use one of the links below). That’s all! 😁

Click here to join the Invert Keepers Facebook group!

The Shrimp Farm social media & store:
The Shrimp Farm webshop, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook

You do have to be in the USA – sorry fellow Europeans & other members, international giveaways will be held in the future.


Hey Fishblr! I could REALLY use your help. And…

I’m doing
an online survey for my bachelor thesis and I need as many (qualifying) respondents as
possible to fill it out.
The aim of the survey is to find out in which ways
celebrities can use their fame for the public good – not related to fishkeeping but definitely an important subject. 

The survey consists of a few general demographic
questions, a short video and a bunch of additional questions.
Should only take you about 10 minutes and it’s completely anonymous! I’m
looking for respondents between 18-25 years of age who are located in the
United States.

So what’s
in it for you? I’m giving away a set of SIX Marimo balls to one lucky
These decorative aquatic moss balls look great in an aquarium or just a cute vase. Just leave your e-mail
address at the end of the survey to enter. 

Thanks in
advance and good luck to all participants.

➡➡➡ Please click here to start the survey and participate in the giveaway. ⬅⬅⬅

Note: it is possible to enter more than once! You can only fill out the questionnaire one time but you can send it to a friend or family member so they can fill it out and enter your e-mail address to increase your chances.

You can send the survey to friends/family using this link:

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Marimo by nuwandalice