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Aquariadise on FB

More footage from my LFS. They take their aquascapes seriously! 🌿

Aquariadise on FB

Aquariadise on FB

My bf has recently taken an interest in aquariums, so naturally I gave him an old tank I had laying around to play with. I’d say this is a pretty good first set-up! 🌱

Plants: Java fern & Cryptocoryne

Aquariadise on FB

Aquariadise on FB

Someone’s been busy at my LFS… what a beauty!

Aquariadise on FB

Aquariadise article: 6 easy coldwater aquarium…

If your aquarium lacks a heater, you might have trouble finding the right plants. Many of the plants we grow in our aquariums come from tropical regions and like things pretty toasty. So what are your options for an unheated aquarium?

You can find a list of 6 easy coldwater aquarium plants on Aquariadise here!

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Photo: Kevin & Gregg’s Fishtank 2212 by pkmousie

Aquariadise on FB

The 8 gallon cube honestly just brings me so much joy. The crayfish are thriving and reproducing, there are no algae outside of the spots where I want them to be (snail food!) and the plants are THRIVING. I mean, look at Anubias ‘nana’ go. Three flower staks!

You can find a full Anubias plant caresheet here

Aquariadise on FB

Um… have I got any Dutch followers here…

Um… have I got any Dutch followers here who are interested in plants? I can ship these for 50 Euro in total (shipping included) or send me an ask if you want a smaller portion. I would hate to see them go to waste!

These are Windeløv Java fern, Crypocoryne wendtii and Java moss (click links for caresheets!) 🌱

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This CPO cutie just molted (and regenerated her missing claw!!!) and is now hiding in the plant cup at the top of the tank to avoid the craziness down below. ♥

You can find a full CPO crayfish caresheet here

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Re-processed an old photo i felt needed some…

Re-processed an old photo i felt needed some love. This tank sadly didn’t survive the summer vacation in 2013. 

Ahhh, that ~new tank feel~The bf fell in love …

Ahhh, that ~new tank feel~

The bf fell in love with the crayfish and has taken an interest in keeping them himself, so I gave him an old tank of mine and am guiding him through the process of setting it up. 👌

Plants: Pogostemon helferi & Anubias nana ‘Bonsai’

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New plant caresheet on Aquariadise: Bucephalan…

It’s one of the most popular (and sometimes expensive!) aquarium plants out there: the little Bucephalandra. I’m not sure what it is about it that captivates aquarists round the world (including me), but for those fellow addicts out there: here’s a caresheet!

You can now everything you need to know about growing Bucephalandra on Aquariadise here.