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Aquariadise on FB

Before & after ♥ even more flowers forming now.

How to grow this plant

Aquariadise on FB

Aquariadise on FB

More footage from my LFS. They take their aquascapes seriously! 🌿

Aquariadise on FB

Aquariadise on FB

My bf has recently taken an interest in aquariums, so naturally I gave him an old tank I had laying around to play with. I’d say this is a pretty good first set-up! 🌱

Plants: Java fern & Cryptocoryne

Aquariadise on FB

Aquariadise on FB

Someone’s been busy at my LFS… what a beauty!

Aquariadise on FB

Aquariadise article: 6 easy coldwater aquarium…

If your aquarium lacks a heater, you might have trouble finding the right plants. Many of the plants we grow in our aquariums come from tropical regions and like things pretty toasty. So what are your options for an unheated aquarium?

You can find a list of 6 easy coldwater aquarium plants on Aquariadise here!

Want more aquarium stuff? Have a look at the Aquariadise FB page!

Photo: Kevin & Gregg’s Fishtank 2212 by pkmousie

Along with good liquid ferts, a little co2, an…

Along with good liquid ferts, a little co2, and fertilised substrate, I like to use just white and red because plants grow best under red light. I also really like red leafed plants so the red light along with iron ferts really helps with that

Thanks!!! I’ve been meaning to read up on what color lights are best!

Find out how to grow aquarium moss

Before pruning, after pruning and what was pulled out of the tank 😂🌱

Plant info:

Find out how to grow Cryptocoryne

Find out how to grow Java fern

Find out how to grow aquarium moss

I just set up a light for the 20 gal! It’s the…

I just set up a light for the 20 gal! It’s the AI prime, and I’ve only had it set up for a few minutes but I love it. It’s really easy to use and you can control everything from your phone!

This is it quickly running through the day cycle I set. The light looks a little jumpy from the camera trying to compensate. It’s a lot brighter than it shows.

What kind of settings do you guys use for your planted tanks? I’m still trying to figure out what kind of lighting is best for plants.

Making your first foray into Planted Tanks


Maybe you’ve been seeing gorgeous pictures of aquascapes and long to have your own. Or maybe you just want a more natural environment for your fish. Whatever the reason, you’ve decided to expand into the world of planted tanks.

But where to start? You may have also started on your own research, which can get very overwhelming very fast.

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Did a little bit of re-scaping on Arp’s tank! Going to try to get some good substrate soon and start getting plants~
Anyone used potting/top soil?

Ahhhh she’s such a little cutie I adore her

I tried the potting soil years ago in a low tech tank. I was trying to do the Walstad method, and I was happy with it… Until I tried rescaping the tank and was launched into mud/cloudy water hell. It’s more expensive, but I’ve had great success with planted substrates like Caribsea eco-complete and seachem flourite. I believe they also come in red, black and white, so I had a red/black (bag said red, but good amount of black) substrate for a while that I really loved. There’s a lot more resources for using potting soil than when I first tried 8 years ago, so don’t be too put off by my post, just do some research 😀

Yeah, I’m going to try the Walstad method! It being messy is the only thing I’ve seen against it so far. I intend to just do the initial planting then let it do its thing – I think it’s cheap enough that if I ever rescape I can just redo the substrate? All the other substrates I found alter ph, which I don’t want, and at the cheapest they’d be $40. $5 and some mess sounds better to me lol.

Thank you so much for your input!!! 😀