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16, 24

16, 24

16 – any fish/coral/inverts you think shouldn’t be kept in aquariums?

There’s sooo many… my biggest one would probably be whale sharks. I’ve seen them being kept over in Japan and I think that they truly can’t be provided for in captivity space wise. On a smaller scale, I disagree with the widespread capture of dragonets for the aquarium trade. While some people may have luck in keeping them, the majority of aquarists just can’t sustain the copepod populations to sustain them. The vast majority of them slowly starve to death, so yes, I don’t think they should be kept in aquariums unless provided for appropriately.

24 – what comment do you get most about your aquarium or the fact that you keep saltwater?

“Isn’t that hard work? Like, they’re a lot of maintenance right?”

Yes… they’re tough, but I’ve found having a strict maintenance routine makes it ever so easy. Check your salinity every day, test your water once a week, frequent water changes and feeding appropriate amounts of food make keeping a reef tank that much simpler.



you, a fool: white noise machine

me, also a fool, but a fool who is a fishkeeper: the sound of three filtration systems

7 and 26!

7 and 26!

7. are there any fish you dislike?

definitely fancy goldfish, they’re really unhealthy and some just don’t look good at all.

26. what do you think is the most dangerous fish?

Neither of us really know, we heard lungfish can break your hands and anything venomous is p scary. Also, I (Jay) have a great fear of really big redtail catfish that I got on a tour of Shedd Aquarium as a child. I remember the workers telling all the parents to keep the kids as far away from the edge as possible bc the fish could come up to it and suck children in like a vacuum, swallowing them whole… ☹

Thank you for asking!!

🐠 Fishblr Questions! 🐠


1. What was the first fish you ever owned?
2. What is your dream tank?
3. What is your favorite fish?
4. What was/is your most troublesome tank?
5. In your opinion, what is the best beginner fish?
6. What is your favorite fishblr blog?
7. Are there any fish that you dislike?
8. Planted tank or reef tank?
9. Favorite type of betta?
10. Favorite type of goldfish?
11. In your opinion, what fish should not be reccomended for beginners (but often is)?
12. Favorite species of shark?
13. What is the best brand/type of food?
14. Favorite invertebrate?
15. What would you do if you suddenly had an extra 200 gallon (757L) tank?
16. What would you do if you suddenly had an extra 10 gallon (37L) tank?
17. If you could remove any product from the shelves of a petstore (ex. Bettacube, ecosphere, fish bowls, etc.), what would it be and why?
18. Have you ever bred fish?
19. Gravel or sand?
20. Favorite non-fish animal?
21. Favorite fish fact?
22. What common myth about fish do you wish you could dispell? (Ex. Can live in bowls, 7 second memory, low maintenance, boring pet, throwaway pet, etc.)
23. Favorite type of filter? (Sponge, HOB, canister, etc.)
24. Do you start a siphon with a pump or with your mouth?

25. What do you think is the most beautiful fish?
26. What do you think is the most dangerous fish?
27. Best way to deal with an algae problem?
28. Natural or artificial decorations?
29. Saltwater, freshwater, or brackish?
30. How did you get into the aquarium hobby?




Please help

My roommate got a beta fish and doesn’t know jack about taking care of it so I’m just gonna do it.

Anyone oon here that knows about beta fish please fill me in. All I have is my heart full of good intentions.

I’m getting a bigger tank and some gravel and some hidey places for it

What else should I be getting? Do they need special water or will regular filtered water work? What kind of plants can I put in with it? How often should the tank be cleaned?

🐳🐠Fishblr Please Interract 🐠🐳

Awww you’re a fish hero ♡


• at least a 2.5 gal aquarium (my boy loves his)

• a nice little heater to warm the lil wiggle

• a nice little filter to suck the nasties out

• some gravel or sand

• silk plants or real plants because plastic ones are too pokey and the betta could hurt themself

• SMOOTH decor – keep the fishy safe

• a nerite snail because they’re awesome

• Make sure to get a lid!! Bettas jump

• pellet food! Flakes aren’t very good. You can get a thing of Bug Bites Tropical Small Fish Formula on Amazon for five dollars – I highly recommend

•if you’re on city water or have chlorine you’ll need a dechlorinater. I recommend Seachem prime as it takes care of a lot of harmful things besides chlorine

You’re so awesome for taking care of the wiggle! Good luck!!!

Hey guys


Im bored, reblog w/ ur age; I’m curious as to how old people here are

im 18

paws-gills-and-polyps: letsgetsalty: Here’s …



Here’s the majority of the stuff I got at Reefapalooza! There were so many great vendors. I got a lot of different sample products that I’m excited to try out! Some vendors that I talked with even gave me full size products.
Some that I’m most excited to try are the Hikari foods – they gave me a pack of their freshwater shrimp food! – and the Bug Bites color enhancing formula.

@letsgetsalty she’s the one in the top photo. That was their booth.

Oh, yeah I saw them!! They had some nice lps!




i have nothing to offer, except for lots of fish and poor money management skills

I was bad at Reef-a-palooza Orlando yesterday. Well, my gf was really bad, but yeah, we have no more room in the coral QT and no money. It’s going to be a tight month!

My tank is Very Full now. Yesterday was awesome though. By far the most I’ve ever dropped on my tank at once.



The REAL problem with fishkeeping

you cannot smooch your babies no matter how much you want to

My tank has kissy marks all over the side 🙁

curlydragonfish: letsgetsalty:I gave Arp live…



I gave Arp live food for the first time and she was Confused

Ooh what are those? I would love to try live food at some point for my fish.

They’re mosquito larvae! I just set a bucket of water on the back porch, then net the larvae out when I find them