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Chameleon v crested gecko

For the sake of discussion we will have different categories of chameleon as well as including gargoyles as crested


  • Giant spiny chameleon (Furcifer verrucosus)
  • Jackson (Trioceros jacksonii)
  • Madagascar leaf (Brookesia superciliaris)
  • Carpet (Furcifer lateralis)
  • Veiled (Chameleo calyptratus)


  • Created gecko
  • Gargoyle


What would y’all recommend for a first terrestrial reptile?

I’m an experienced pet owner but for reptiles this would be a new experience


At the NY reptile expo

Lord give me strength not to but something


Tell me good news abt ur pets

I want to here positive stuff for the new year


Wallace has been swimming almoast constantly for the past 3 days, not in a frantic way but she has yet to stop swimming since last Thursday

Is this okay? Darwin is acting normal, the water peramiters are normal, is she just being more active or could this be a problem? She can go to the bottom if she wants but she seems to be swimming close to the surface and gulping air more often. Her gills look healthy and she didn’t seem to be developing eyelids so I don’t think she’s morphing so could someone please help me?