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I’ve made a few posts on here about my shrimp bowl that I’ve been working on for an aquascape contest, and the time has come for voting!

I’ve spent the past few months working on this little shrimp utopia, and your vote could help me win! Voting is on Reef2Reef – a saltwater aquarium forum – it just takes two clicks to cast your vote. And if you don’t have an account, it’s free to join, and a great aquarium community to be a part of!

I’m contestant 11, VKP01.

Votes and reblogs are greatly appreciated! 🦐🧡

Link to voting:


Shrimp Bowl still looking nice 🦐🦐🦐


I did some cleaning on the shrimp bowl and they were all zooming!


A tiny shrimp utopia


My shrimp bowl is coming along great!! It’s cycled and got algae growing. Shrimp are on their way! I’ve got till the end of the month to make any changes.

There’s only three shrimp in here but they man…

There’s only three shrimp in here but they manage to make it feel full 💚


Looking for neocaridinas

Everything has cleared up with my shrimp and they’re looking good, but I was left with only three. And they’re all females. I want them to have a colony so they aren’t as skiddish. If anyone’s got some neocaridinas they’d sell hmu? Im in the US. I’m looking for solid or rili orange, or any kind of blue. If anyone’s got just a few to get my colony started back up

One of my shrimp has got this weird brown colo…

One of my shrimp has got this weird brown color? It’s the same color as the algae I have, so maybe it’s from her eating that? I’m worried about an infection


Aquarium Maintenance Tip!

Get yourself one of those suction cup betta leaves, then when you pour water in the tank you can pour it on that and not destroy your aquascape and stir stuff up!

Some tourmaline balls I got from Aquatic Blend…

Some tourmaline balls I got from Aquatic Blended Foods! They included two bags of alder cones (they’re so smol!!!!!) and a food sample! It all looks very nice. Hopefully this’ll help my molt problem