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I saw your post about Taylor Nicole Dean a few…

I saw your post about Taylor Nicole Dean a few months ago. She made a video where she shows the 5 pets she bought at a Reptile Expo… What's your opinion about it?

I don’t know how long this message has been in my asks but I assure you my disdain for taylor and her impulse purchasing habits have aged like fine wine and I’m awaiting the day she realizes she’s fucked up.

Which is any day now if that mess about the monitor she (impulse) purchased says anything.

have u seen the drama on twitter regarding tnd and a photo of her geck & skink together

Oh jeez, she put the gecko & skink together…???

I’ve been M.I.A. but I’m slowly catching up on Taylor stuff and yikes, I’m not a reptile person but don’t skinks eat gecko’s?  Yikes, Taylor, Yikes.  I wouldn’t say that was worth the risk for a twitter photo. 

I like that your criticism post for Nicole isn’t cruel; you don’t call her a bitch or other things that other callout posts tend to do. Your criticisms are honest and pointed but not mean, just necessary and truthful. I appreciate that and thanks for keeping information circulating.

I do get heated sometimes, especially on that one turtle post I made but I do try my best to remain civil and let the facts do what they will.  It’s just unfortunate that these facts are relatively negative and I really hate that, it’s really just such a waste, I think.  For her to do the things she does and how she does them. 

I can sit here and hope she’ll step up her game but I’ve been following along with her for so long that I really don’t believe she will be changing anytime soon. 

TND, She admitted in her latest Axolotl video that it was sick for months because she neglected it. She didn’t do enough water changes, then didn’t notice the axolotl had developed a fungus until it was at death’s door. She’s always said she has “the worst luck” with sick animals, and rejecting the idea that she could possibly be an animal hoarder. But now she’s ADMITTED it was her fault. But it hasn’t been a wake up call… I think I’m done with her. To many excuses.

Oh wow, yeah I’ve been un-able to watch any youtube videos lately 

(cries about missing goldfish moms videos  & I heard that Joey’s Arrowana died?  D’:) 

But at least she’s admitted to being at fault, if i’m reading your message correctly?  Then again saying she has the worst luck with sick animals is another excuse like….  If you know you’re the reason an animal gets sick… Maybe you should change your care up to be more up to standards or I don’t know……  Have less of a load of animals in general. 

I don’t know I’m just really iffy about the trend that’s become popular of having sooo many animals.  Like I feel for fishkeepers it’s moderately justified because fish don’t need the sort of care other animals do.  Like, you don’t need to socialize or coddle fish ya know?  (Even though there are many who would love to cuddle their fishies.  I know I would if I knew it wouldn’t be detrimental to their health lmao)

But hmm…   I’ve been done with her a while myself, her excuses and lack of change has unsettled me, not to mention dangerous and lazy practices that she’s sharing with a progressively vicious fanbase. I’ll say it again, because there’s always that one person, but I have nothing against Taylor herself —  In fact I’m sure she’s lovely in conversation and person, I’d even be happy to speak to her dare I ever somehow have the chance — But my opinions are my own and I’m glad I have others I can discuss such ‘controversial’ subjects with.  Because people shouldn’t be afraid to speak their thoughts and views because someone has a larger outreach than they do personally.

@mamapluto replied to your post “What do you think about tnd leaving her axolotol starving and…

@mamapluto replied to your post “What do you think about tnd leaving her axolotol starving and sick for…”

Some exotic vets will see axolotls, but there are a lot of at home treatments for them. She at least should have someone look after it


Hey, please consider taking down that post with the video about the taylor nicole dean turtle situation. It looks like the op is getting a lot of anon hate which they don’t deserve…

If any of my followers have been sending the OP anon hate, I ask that they unfollow me right now. I do not tolerate that sort of behavior on my behalf, it is absolutely unacceptable. OP definitely doesn’t deserve any hate, they didn’t know all the complicated legalities and ethics surrounding the turtle situation and that’s not their fault.

However, I will not be taking the post down as I stand by what I said. If any of my followers or anyone I follow is caught sending hate, I will block them immediately, but I stand by my own reblog and my own comment and I will not be taking it down.

And this is why I’m upset with Taylor.  She’s painted herself a…

And this is why I’m upset with Taylor.  She’s painted herself a hero when all that she’s really promoting is the shittiest of shit ways to handle this particular situation.  And now her fans know no better. 

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Please watch to the end and reblog this video for turtle and tortoise care awareness. These babies were taken from a street vendor who was selling them in awful conditions. He also probably stole them from the wild.

Adopt don’t shop!

Also follow Taylor on Youtube to help her channel grow so she can spread more awareness on these issues.
If you remember the tiny cheering hedgehog, that was her hedgehog Nala. She also does pet feeding, animal care videos, and generally funny stuff.

What Taylor Nicole Dean did was irresponsible. The authorities take the 4 inch law very seriously, as it is meant to protect children from salmonella. She should have allowed them to deal with these turtles.

I find it laughable that you say “adopt don’t shop” when that is the exact opposite of what Taylor did. She paid over $500 for those turtles, making it far easier for the sellers to pay the fine for illegal turtle sale. Those sellers will likely go right back to selling turtles.

As well, the law is typically worded as it being illegal to sell or distribute turtles with a carapace length under four inches, making Taylor’s plans to rehome these turtles, even if most are going to a sanctuary, illegal. I know for a fact she was reported for that, and she may be forced to surrender the turtles to the authorities as well as pay a hefty fine. That is something she should have considered before making the decision to pay for these turtles.

This is likely to inspire others to do the same thing. When you have a channel as large as Taylor’s, you need to consider the impact what you do will have on what your followers will do. 

Her channel isn’t that great, either. She promotes impulse buying animals with little to no setup ready for them (her new snakes, she bought three within one month)has some animals in need or larger tanks/cages (cheese needs 250 gallons and I believe he’s in a 150 now, and her hedgehogs cages are too small.) she also doesn’t think about the future of her animals very well. She’s moving in a couple of months, and she’s setting up more tanks, getting more animals, and generally not preparing for the move in a responsible way at all. There are other, actually good YouTube channels out there. This is not one.

She had said a while ago that this sanctuary was going to raise them up and release them back to the wild if possible.  Smh nice to see that turned out false.   This sanctuary is going to try and adopt  them out.  

They’re going to be stuck with these things forever. 

dapperpets: alpha-koi-betta: waiting for bettablr/fishblr to explode after the video TND just…



waiting for bettablr/fishblr to explode after the video TND just posted about moving her betta sorority into a ten gal tank so she could house the 80 turtles she bought smh… 

Are you FUCKING kidding me ???

So they were wild caught hatchlings.  And she still plans on…

So they were wild caught hatchlings.  And she still plans on giving away a few/probably keeping a pair for herself before handing over the rest so this sanctuary can raise and release them.  ???